1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Eleanor Build!

Glenn Gatley remembers walking out of the theater after viewing the 2000remake of Gone in 60 Seconds and promising his wife, “I’m going to own aMustang like that one of these days.”

Like many movie-goers, Mustang enthusiasts and non-Mustang enthusiastsalike, Glenn was more impressed with the Mustang than the movie. ThePepper Grey Metallic ’67 fastback, named Eleanor and modified to looklike a Shelby GT500 on steroids, stole the show from its more eliteautomotive co-stars and went on to become a cult item all its own, muchlike the Highland Green ’68 fastback in the movie Bullitt and the ’73Mustang fastback from 1975’s original version of Gone in 60 Seconds.Heck, Eleanor even overshadowed human stars Nicholas Cage and AngelinaJolie.

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