Ever Wondered Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light After Pulling You Over?

I know, everyone hates when police pull us over. But, the worst thing is when they touch our tail light after pulling us over.

Touching Tail Light isn’t the worst thing to do, Right?

Take a Look to Understand It.

#1 The Tail Light
Mostly Police officers love to tap the tail light For an Unknown Reason

#2 Marilyn Caylor Tells Us About Tail Light Tap.

Marilyn Caylor Said: “The ritual of touching a tail light actually goes back to the good old days of policing the highways. Before the invention of dash cams, policemen were super sneaky with their tactics. But don’t worry, they weren’t crooked cops or doing anything illegal. In fact, these law enforcement officers were actually hoping to catch the driver or passengers unawares. You see, it’s not uncommon for people to try and hide their illicit drugs or guns right after they are pulled over by a cop. Tapping the tail light has the benefit of starting these criminals before they can finish hiding their stash of ill-gotten goods.”

#3 But there’s an another reason also.

The other reason of Taping the tail light is that it leaves a lot of evidence of the victim.

#4 Fingerprints.

When the cop touches the tail light. It leaves his fingerprints which help to find out if the vehicle is the one that was involved should anything happen to the officer.

#5 Useless Habit

Todays, police cars are fully equipped with cameras and much more which makes Tapping the tail light habit completely nonsense and useless.

So, if you find any officer doing this thing. Please tell him to quit this habit.

#6 Tapping the Tail Light Is A Dangerous Habit.

Nowadays, police are said to be good with the civilians. What makes tapping the tail light habit dangerous is because it is completely useless. It has no use at all.

#7 The Main Reason Behind Tapping the Tail Light.

The cops have to check the car light, whether it is in a legal state and has no customs issues in it.

Now That’s The Main Reason Behind It.


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