2019 Pontiac GTO Judge!!

2019 Pontiac GTO judge Exterior and Interior – America is without any question of doubt, surely the best manufactures of muscle cars by a mile. We have seen legends being made out of these muscle cars. Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro, you name it. Among all these awesome cars, there is yet another big gun – 2019 Pontiac GTO. The legendary auto maker’s wing from General Motors is back yet again with a really powerful statement. Yes, they are going to hit markets soon with their legends, redesigned, the beautiful 2019 Pontiac GTO.

2019 Pontiac GTO Redesign Exterior And Interior
Popularly known as “Judge”, Pontiac GTO has been a trademark of this company since it was launched and will again rock the stage soon with a lot of new technical and technological upgrades under the hood and inside and many design changes on the outside. Although Pontiac has kept 1979 model as a base for the design of this 2019 model, new updated and modern features will surely be giving it wings to scale new heights.

This new 2019 Pontiac GTO will bear resemblance to the 1979 GTO and it will have a new platform based on the same, but of course with technological and technical upgrades up its sleeve.

A trademark feature of 2019 Pontiac GTO is its front grille which will have the following features:

Grille will be split into two halves.
Grille will bear a pair of all new HID head Lamps just below it.
It will feature a freshly designed new hood with additional air scoops added to it.
The grille has seen a reduction is its size with two even smaller grilles gracing the bumper just below the larger ones. Hood scoops are intelligent additions as it will regulate air flow and keep engine temperatures low. Fog lamps are just below the upper grille, unlike head lamps, which are integrated inside it.

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