This Diesel Twin Turbo Thailand Longtail Racing Boat Is Insane!!

As soon as you see this video you know that safety was left ashore this time, because you can immediately see all those belts flopping around with no protection between them and whoever is steering this incredibly fast and dangerous craft.

And boy is it fast. Once that Twin Turbo Diesel catches some boost, this thing is gone and by gone we mean they are flying down the canal, with literally zero safety gear.

It kinda looks like a “Hold My Beer” setup, which needed a huge amount of work before they can get that beast of an engine straighten out, pumping some incredible torque at that propeller.

So check out today incredible video and learn why nobody ever got invited to a safety seminar in Thailand and see what’s one of the most dangerous things you can do on water, while powered by two turbines and a crazy guy behind the power button.

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