Someone Get This Guy A MAN CARD, 1500HP Stick Shift GTO!

Owning a 1500 hp car and racing it is something that we have seen around here, and not to say that it is not impressive but once we see a guy that has a GTO with a stick shift, with that kind of power, and he also drives it to all the events that he goes to, well that is a real hero in our book.

Where do we start, do we start at the 94mm turbo or the 517 ci Pontiac or the actual fact that his ride has a manual transmission, and he has been driving it for 1600 miles even before he got to Race Week and not just to get there from Canada, but he even took a detour to see his buddy and hang out.

This is truly a great story of a couple of buddies that are the true road warriors which like to put huge amount of miles on their beloved cars, and then race each other at the track, and still go home with a big grin on their face, so believe us when we tell you that they are worth your time, and play the video.

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