What Happens If You Drop 1,000 Pounds of Dry Ice in a Giant Pool?

Some call it “cardice” but most of us know it by the name of dry ice, which simplified is frozen carbon dioxide at -78.5 Fahrenheit at normal pressure, or so atmospheric pressure.
The main difference of this kind of ice and regular kind of ice is pretty much self-explained in the name, and it means that unlike the regular ice that turns into water, the dry ice will not leave anything behind making it suitable for cooling stuff that is sensitive to water.
The only danger from this product, apart from frostbite due to very low temperature, is the so-called hypercapnia, or severe elevation of the carbon dioxide levels in one’s blood, which is why once used in closed location, this should be treated as toxic.
Unlike our very factual and scientific explanation, the guys in the video are treating this product as a mere item for their entertainment, throwing vast amounts of it in a pool to just to create some cool looking smoking pool.
You might wanna stop watching at this point because the rest of the video is pure debauchery as they throw brand new Xbox and a PS4 in it for no apparent reason.
Watch the video and tell us what you think, was this just pure unnecessary destruction of grade A electronics?

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