Creepy Abandoned Vehicles In Woods, Abandoned Cars, Trucks And Ships In Forest Found!!

We are used by now to find the most diverse collections of car, but this time it looks like we have outdone ourselves since this might be the biggest diversity of cars that we have seen in one place in a video.

There are some amazingly cool classic cars in the video that we are bringing you today, from all over the world not just the states, as they lay resting in the woods trying their best to fight a losing battle with the elements.

Cars, bulldozers, trucks, four by fours, and even boats, we have it all in this video which shows the decay of our favorite type of metal, one that should be getting a much better treatment than this.

We are sure that the owners keep telling themselves that better times are coming and they will restore these classics to their former glory, but in reality most of these cars will never drive again, and that is a real shame.

Well at least we get one last peek at them.

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